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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post
Ok, so you pull your 8th set of spark plugs and see a little aluminum on the spark plug. Well here is your ignition maps. Please tell me what changes you might make to this table based off of your eyecrometer just looking at the tip of a spark plug..

The correct way here is to log knock retard to a map or graph setup with the same breakpoints as the ignition map and ride around and log data. Let the map fill up with knock retard data in the cells it is happening then copy and paste subtracting the map from the ignition map and you have made the correct correction for detonation. Now go out and drive the car again and make sure there is no more kr. And this is how we verify our tuning in efi. It is all by data directing you to make very specific changes to very specific cells. 10 sets of plugs absolutely screams this person does not trust or know how to work with the data they are logging. Period.

We can check our spark plugs and I was saying that in an effort to be nice but honestly we verify by having noise present in the kr sensor and tuning the noise out without laxing the calibration for the kr sensor. Most relax the calibration for the knock sensor and blame the noise on 'fake kr' or burst knock because it pulls timing and they cant stop it any other way. And maybe that is why so many of these custom built and tuned engines live such a short life. I don't. I tune the right way. I am proud to follow procedure even after all these years. It affords me consistent performance as the tuner of vetteXperts.
What Do You do If you can not LS Swap it and no computer setup to Datalog and no HP Tuners to use ?
It's no prep drag racing.
$10k to win in 3 days have a chance to.

No Knock sensors also.
Using Nitromethane Fuel too.
Melt any wideband instant.
Nitrous big shots tend to do the same.
Header pipes instant 2500-4000 F glowing white incandescent Hot !
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