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A nice Read tonight if your up to it Gunny.
We have a guy on Grumpys site building a SBC for Max Power.
Wieland 8-71 Supercharged. Sent out to have inside case aerospace hard Anodized and Teflon rotor strips Blueprinted for max boost.
Will be 15-18 psi above Atmospheric.
Nitrous Emergency Power kicker kit used.
Be at 1000 Hp or a bit more.

Mickey Thompson's Son Danny Thompson is featured also in the link with his Dad's old Challanger 2 racing at The Bonnevillesaltflats Wendover Utah.
7000 Horsepower for 10 miles Flat Out for over 450 mph !
Bill Miller Forged aluminum rods.

Allows you to push the limits without block failures and crank failures.
Good alternative to Ti.
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