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Originally Posted by Matt383 View Post

I am glad you have made a few runs in your life and now are a drag racing enthusiast.

I wouldn't call you a racer, but you are getting your feet wet.

Good for you.

I walked away after many years. For what it's worth I have made more runs in a weekend than you have made in your lifetime so far.

I am amused by your authority on the subject now.

Anyway, don't let it consume you. Dispite what anyone says, there is no money to be made in drag racing unless you have big sponsors or get real good in a lower class.

About 15 years ago There was this teacher that rana red ZR1 at Byron.

Bone stock. Ran mid 13's

That thing was so consitant and he was so good at the light, he would make 20 to 30 grand a summer. Some of the no box races would pay out $3000.00 to the winner sometime more.

So it shows you don't have to be fast to win at the brackets.

The faster you go, the more money you spend and more shit breaks.
I mentioned to Ed Today the Entire Midwest tracks are filled with no prep events.
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