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Originally Posted by Matt383 View Post
For what it's worth I have made more runs in a weekend than you have made in your lifetime so far.
And that is not gonna change. I am a mechanic. A good mechanic. And I built my Corvette. All of it. Like Brian wants to and used to say a real mechanic should. Setup my own motor. Setup my own transmission. Built my own torque tube. setup my own suspension. installed my own electronics. did my own wiring. And tuned it all up. You have to understand how hard it is for me to get into my car and just stab the gas pedal to the floor. I have literally hundreds of hours of my own labor spent that I didn't get paid for getting my stuff to where it is. I like to roll into it and be easy on my stuff. Because I built it. It is my own. And nobody pays me to fix it. I can not be a racer. And never will be.

I will continue to goto the drag strip and hopefully at some point here the road course at PBIR. But only to go play with the stuff I get to build. I will never come close to what you have done in your time, Matt.
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