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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post
Well that's a stretch, but ok. I mean I am trying to create that image for the job..

But I have still only been twice. both times to go with the same car I was building before and after. I don't know if that's 'hooked' or more 'beginning to show interest'.
I recall the B8 cam does not have much lift.
.480 -500.
.480 seems distinct.

Meant for boost.
Very likely benefit as is from higher ratio rocker arms.
Cam will appear to the engine 4-8 degrees bigger with no idle changes or vacuum changes.
Pontiac did this factory on a few hi po engines new.
1.65 & 1.7 :1.

LS is 1.7 or 1.8.

Valve lift increases also.
Do a half set on intake or exhaust.
Likely wants both sides.

Fresh timing chain set by Cloyes.
Race True Roller made for LS.

They stretch stock from use.
Retards cam timing 8-12 degrees or more.

Cloyess race will only stretch 2 degrees after 10000 miles I have witnessed on my own.
Verfied with cam degree wheel on crank and solid lifter with dial indicator.
Intake centerline method and base circle method checks.

Low buck as you can go right now.

Worth 30-40 Hp in some engines these checks and mods.
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