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Originally Posted by VFPreacher2 View Post
Sorry to hear that. All the best to you and yours.
Thanks preacher and everyone.

An additional bummer is that my aunt died on Tuesday.

My mom's younger sister. She too grew up with my "uncle" although not as close as my mom was beause they were thae same age.

That makes my mom, her sister, and my aforementioned uncle all died within a year of each other.

The WWII generation is going fast.

My mom was in college when WWII broke out.

She could remember the time, place, and who was with her when the radio came on with the famous "Day of Infamy" announcement December 7th, 1941

She became one of two women on a 300 person top secret biological research program for the Army during WWII

I had two other uncles in WWII

One was UDT (underwater demolition) and the other was a B17 pilot and 44 missions over Germany. He flew the famous FIVE GRAND B17. You can google it if you want.

Anyway it's Memorial Day weekend and thought I would share.

God bless our troops.

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