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well that escalated quickly...

Larry and I made our annual trip to South Dakota to the Custom Image BBQ. The original plan was to get some paint done. I had an incident early this season where we bottomed out the car on a bridge and the tire cracked the fender. I did a fiberglass repair, but couldn't fix the paint, so put a section of Plasti-dip on both fenders for a "track day" look.
So the guys at CIC touched up the paint and fixed a few other things and laid new clear down.
As I was going up there I got to thinking about the front tires. They look great, but I started to think ... I have had them on the car for a number of years, and they were on the black 69 before that. So i checked the date codes and they were over 11 years old. So...
I have a drive line vibration and am out of room to change the pinion angle so we were going to shim the rear diff a bit to make a more favorable angle, but then realized that they could not be installed because the transverse leaf was in the way. The plan was always to upgrade to Ride Tech so this seemed like the logical time.
and of course you can't upgrade the suspension without doing some better brakes.
When we dropped the Diff one of the stub axles stuck out so we assumed it had worn down and the clip came off. We took the diff apart. We did not expect to find this:
I had the tops off and good light in the shop so I took a couple of photos of the interior.

Larry made it to the big show. He was the slowest car in his row. :-)
left to right: LS3 power, LS7 power, Flemmings LT4 power, and Larry with his LS1.
the next day we got things tightened down and aligned and at 3:00 in the afternoon Larry and I took off for our 500 miles back to Iowa.
On the way home the speedo quit on my gauges. This is the third VSS i have had fail. I am not sure why that is happening.
We made it home fine. It was a great trip. Larry got a lot more love than we had originally planned.
Next up on the want list is a new controller by Dakota Digital that matches the HDX gauges.
lt never ends.....
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