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Originally Posted by Maniacmechanic1 View Post
John calls You a Professional Troll Lately.
So anybody and I do mean ANYBODY that has seen ANY posting from either of us will understand 2 things about us.

1 - YOU copy and paste half or more of the internet in every thread you can. Completely un relevant to the thread. Don't believe me? scroll up. But this didn't just start. Brian by definition you sir are the biggest troll DC ever had. Undisputed.

2 - I seem to have a problem showing off. And as such every picture I post comes directly out of my life. And most of the threads I am posting up these pictures in are threads I started to show off.

There is quite the difference in trolling and showing off. Everybody else knows the difference. Maybe one day you and your peoples will, too. Likely everybody else but you already understands this and the above statement is just more of your lying B.S. right?

And you keep bringing up all these names I have never heard before? Are you admitting your own attempt at defamation right here on this forum where everything we type is recorded? Are you really that stupid?
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