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the torque this motor makes is crazy. and because its all motor and no power adder, you get it sooner. it doesn't really much matter the gear you are in or the speed you are going. you stab the gas and it pulls. hard.

the sharkbite kit worked out awesome. there were other parts to the build that were not sharkbite related. the trailing arms were offset van steel and there was a van steel sway bar added for the offset trailing arms. and the lower links were upgraded to solid bushings. it is stiff, and the owner likes it real low. for a track car this thing is a force to be reckoned with. It grips the road well. on launch and around the turns. it doesn't squat near as bad as the leaf spring. for a daily driver, maybe all solid bushings everywhere doesn't make for the smoothest ride. but then I guess who could afford the gas to have a 540ci as a daily driver.
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