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Originally Posted by brent319 View Post
I had a visitor at my house today:

Actually, Josh and I were at the shop all night and we took Kaoss out for a run. That was the first time I rode in the car. It is actually the first time I rode in a C3. That is odd because it is such an extreme c3 for a first ride in, and it is also kind of strange that I am spending all of this time and money building a car that I had never ridden in, much less driven.
I got some powder coating done over-night. I was really impressed how the "chrome" came out.
It did not look like much when it went on the shields, and I could hardly tell where I had dusted, but a couple of minutes in the oven and it came to life. I have kept everything black under the back end, but may do the inner part of the half-shafts in the "chrome" because that part is really smooth and it might look cool.
Josh gave me a corner of the shop to set up in and I moved into that tonight. A few days ago there was a shelf unit in front of an office that said "FREE" on it, so I grabbed it. I set it up along the back wall and put a bunch of parts on it.

A few days before that I was driving back from the shop and saw a brand new looking Jobox on the curb with "FREE" on it also. Yea, I grabbed it even though I don't have use for it. I gave it to Josh to put paint and stuff in. Man, I love this free stuff. I need to drive around and find some C3 seats with "FREE" on them also. I got one seat with the car and need to figure out what to do about that. I am running out of budget, and am tempted to just put some eBay racing seats in it just to get it on the road, but I sat in a friends car that had some of them and they really did not fit me at all. I hate to buy something without sitting in it first.
Here are some of the parts that I got coated tonight.

I have to sort through the small boxes on top tomorrow. They are full of baggies of bolts. I have to go through and see how well I labeled them to see if I can figure what goes where and replace them.
If things go well, I may get some of the front end put together today. We need to see if the rack will clear the motor mounts they put on the frame.
I also have to call Ram and see what hydraulic throw out I need to hook an LS1 up to a Richmond.
I am way behind where I should be on this, but I hope that things move along now. Most of the dirt work is done. I have to scrub under the body and sort through old, greasy bolts, but after that it should be much more fun. Everything on the car will be new, rebuilt, or cleaned up and powdercoated. That is the part I have been waiting for.
Thanks for following along.
What kind of rims are these? and what size? they look like 20"
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