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Originally Posted by shaulr View Post
What kind of rims are these? and what size? they look like 20"
Sadly, I don't know. I believe they are by intro. Rob? Josh?

I got to the shop a bit and got a little done! I was looking for a brake pedal on eBay and found a whole pedal pack for $60. EDIT: I worked on my spreadsheet last night and they were only $60, not $80 like I remembered.

It was in really nice shape, but it looks like they sprayed primer all over it. (including the contacts on the switches) So naturally I blasted and powder coated it.

I am not sure if I will like the "chrome" pedals or not, but I thought it might look cool.
I talked to Mike Dyer a couple of days ago and he has the rear end all finished up. It should be here sometime soon! I asked him about a bellhousing between the LS1 and the Richmond. I found a QT that I think will work and he said they are good. They are kind of pricey, but he said they are dead nuts on and that might save some headaches later on during the install. Anyone want to buy a Lakewood BB bellhousing? I will be posting it for sale when I get a chance.
Back to the shop... gonna see if I can get some brake lines run.

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