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Angry Vote in the damn poll so I can gauge my IQ

1. You actually bought it knowing it was cracked?
No, they said it was "just bent a couple inches, totally fixable"

2. Was the guarantee in writing? If not, sorry forget it.
Repairable category on, so misleading if nothing else

3. If you sell it and don't disclose the crack and the buyer finds out you knew, it could (not necessarily but could) cause problems.
I know and I wasn't going to screw anyone over, I love this car so I hope I don't have to scrap it. I wish in that case I could trade it in to some retarded dealership, I don't see how I would be held liable then.
4. Have you checked to see if it is repairable?
I am trying to get anybody to respond but I just found out Sunday, so maybe I'll call back today, I'll keep this thread updated.

I have a thread on that other forum and I really want to blast my mechanic who seems to be ghosting me and refusing to work on it anymore(liability concerns) even though I told him I would pay anything and wasted $500 shipping the car to him. I told him I would keep him confidential, but then he outed himself on my thread so I might even post his texts, total BS. He said his wife is complaining and that's why.

No comprehensive, will be paying out of pocket.

The frame is bent from an accident so "IDC"

Besides the steering rack boot that would have to be shielded(but not removed when it has to be towed hopefully) I told them to just chop that glued-on fiberglass wheelhouse away with a routing-wheel or whatever as necessary and I figure it should be fine, you can see it's cracked right there anyway.

I am going all in on this b*tch because I don't like the 3600lb fatass C8. And the tires are too damn small. My car looks cleaner to me also.

Car is in SF area, so any recommendations. I am thinking of putting a 5K LT1 dry sump in there and I guess I would need 2" headers to hook up to my 2011 X-pipe.

I thought I was so smart getting it for 17K, but now I realize how naive that was.
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