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Allison's wreck

My daughter Allison is a student at Baylor. She was driving home on Friday for Spring Break. It was raining pretty steady and another car started to hydroplane. That car hit the rear wheels of an 18 wheeler, bounced off and hit another car. The chain reaction was started. In all, there were fours cars and the truck involved in the accident. Allison does not remember much, but from what we could tell she she went through a ditch which was full of water. The water slowed her down a lot before she went on top of the cables that divides the freeway. She slid down the cables until she hit a post that holds the cables in place. She stopped just 15 feet before going into head on traffic. The first thing she could remember was staring at the air bag and seeing the "smoke" from the gasses that deployed the airbags. Her first thought was that her Jeep was on fire. Another car stopped to help and a guy helped Allison out of the passenger door and brought her to his family's car so she could be out of the rain. She was able to stay with them until the State Police showed up. My wife and I started out immediately to go to her. The weather and traffic was so bad it took us 4 1/2 hours to get to her on what is normally a 90 minute drive. That was the longest 4.5 hours I have ever experienced. Allison is pretty sore from the air bag hitting her and the seat belts holding her in place but no other injuries.

My brother and I went back to Huntsville, TX to bring her Jeep back home. Here are some pics:

This is the first time we saw the Jeep on Friday night:

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