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I think the Jeep is repairable. When we first saw the Jeep, my daughter looks at me and says, "....can you fix it Dad?" I said I will do the best I can, but be prepared that it may not be able to be fixed.

After I got it home on Saturday where I could get a real good look at it, I think I can fix it. It will take a while however. What did the damage was a 2 in diameter steel post which holds up the cables between the freeways. It missed the frame - not even a scratch on the frame - and stopped before it hit any suspension. Once we crow-bared the sheet metal away from the tire, it rolled normally and steered fully both directions. I turned the key to see if the motor was free and it fired immediately but I shut it down immediately so as to not cause any other damage.

We only have liability on it, but the person who is at fault has insurance which should pay for some of the repair.

Right now I am looking for a donor Jeep where I can get most of the parts I need.
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