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This project has already acquired a DUI(Dave's Unified Ignition) HEI distributor. But we are installing a FAST fuel system in this car and would very much like for it to be controlling timing. Fast as with most aftermarket efi controllers will not directly drive a coil and so if we want the aftermarket efi to control timing this generally means a CD box like the MSD 6a or 6al or equivalent. With this style setup the pickup coil from the distributor will be wired to the crank trigger input of the FAST controller and the points output of the fast controller will go to the points input of the CD box. This is the absolute largest possible footprint for a coil driver. lol.

For a clean appearance instead of the MSD box and all the wiring for it, I have an idea about using a much smaller coil driver. Here is my idea on paper..

This will allow the FAST controller to directly communicate with the distributor. So then the only other obstacle here is how to lock out the mechanical and vacuum advance. Then at the very end we will need to phase the distributor to ensure that when the pickup coil triggers the rotor is lined up with a tower. I am using a GM HEI distributor from an early EFI car. These would be the Cross-Fire and the Tuned Port fuel systems. These distributors were already locked out. So we want the shaft out of one of these distributors. Here are the 2 shafts next to each other. With and without mechanical advance..

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