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Originally Posted by Z0607 View Post
According to the “official” Bush Administration version of the events on 9/11, of the nineteen hijackers, their countries of origin and numbers were as follows: Saudi Arabia (15), United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt (1) and Lebanon (1). Well, the United States is certainly teaching those countries a lesson, huh?
We aren't in Iraq because of 9/11. The reason I said that is because the liberal machine said that we Americans are terrorists for freeing the people of Iraq.

Basically, Bush wanted a reason to go into Iraq, I don't know why the Bush family has a problem with Iraq but hopefully, now that Saddam was hanged, it's over and that's behind us.

Personally, I never agreed with us going into Iraq, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, but we went there, and we started something, it is our responsibility and our duty to finish it. We don't want to just pull out and let Iraq become another post-WWI Germany because we all know how that turned out.

I never thought I'd see the day when my wonderful country would be called "terrorist" by one of it's own citizens. It only proves to me that my theory is correct, which is that you should have to EARN your citizenship by serving at least two years in our nations military, but then that would be taking away the freedom of choice which is what made this country so great to begin with.

But I digress, for we have gotten waaaaay off topic, to bring us back on topic I offer this:

Yeah, that's a good idea, let's disarm ourselves so the terrorists can just walk in and take over, good job dumbshit.

I hope and pray with all my heart that you, Obama, NEVER EVER achieve office, it will be the end of this nation if you do.
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The only "enemies" that fear Obama is taxpayers..
First went Exotix, now Dune, I'd be careful if I were you, Machine...