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Unhappy C6 2005 Manual Transmission Swap

Hello all,
I'm in the process of converting my Auto C6 to a manual, and ran into a problem with the electronic portion of the conversion. Right now I cannot get the engine to turn over. So far I did the following: Removed the TCM, bypassed the GM LAN wires that looped through the trans harness, installed a clutch start switch (wired according to schematics in the service manual), used a Tech 2 to turn on the "manual transmission" option in the BCM, and installed a new ECM with the calibrations for a manual vette. When I press the start button the instruments light up, but the needles don't sweep to full scale like they used to. And the engine doesn't turn over. I scanned for codes but didn't find anything in troubling the ECM. What am I missing here?
When I put the TCM and old ECM back and turn off "manual trans " in the BCM the car will start.
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