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Looking for 1992-1998,convertible

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Corvette Rookie in Northern Colorado

Brand new deciding that its time for a corvette, drove a 1972 Datsun 240 which I purchased when I returned home from my all expense paid " vacation" sponsered by your government and mine.......I sold her 3 years ago quite the upgraded car from the one purchased new in early 73. I still own a 1983 {sweet !!} Camaro Z28 Crossfire, a 1973 Chevy Caprice convertible and a 1967 Olds Cutlass convertible. So I guess that I'v been a " car guy" for a LONG time.This will be my first Corvette and am seriously looking for a 1996 convertible as my purchase will be a cash deal and I grew up with a remember "25 Cent" subway rides...... I would "like" a 6 speed with the 330 HP setup, my bad knees will much more apperciate an auto trainee.......
This will probably seem a "stoopid"....question ,but is there a site or "place' where if I have the particular VIN # ,can I end up with a list of any and all options that that particular used vehicle was sold/delivered with ??
I'm looking to getting to know corvettes and talking to and meeting some of you , Thanks
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