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And you are just now figuring that out?
Since I didn't even get the disabled porn one at first, I guess I am just figuring it out. Sick Puppies. That's like handicap porn.....right.

Please DO NOT Google "Handicap Porn" and select "Images". Really, don't do that. I am so going to Hell now and it's all you guys fault. Fargin' bastages as Johnny Dangerously might say.

I didn't even know that a quadriplegic midget with an afro could even do a one armed obese girl that's blind while hanging upside down and eating a Twinkie with a tie-dye bow tied to his midget johnson..

I'm going to say some prayers now and get ready for confession. I've got to tell somebody about this. I've been in the hills too long. Sheep, Goat problem but disabled porn.............

Geesh !!!!!

God will surely make me blind. Pray for me.
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