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A "While You're At It" question.

Is it possible to remove the A/C condenser cover on a 78 L-82 without having to remove the engine?

I've been stripping the frame from the firewall forward (frame on resto-mod), and today I removed the A/C temp switch bracket from the airbox to gain better access to the top of the frame, (A/C is not functional at the moment, need a new compressor and manifold/hose assy).

From what I can see, it looks like I can access all the screws to remove the cover. Thought it might be nice to pull the cover to clean the inside of the box and the condenser,and put new sealing material around the top condenser tube "while I'm at it", BUT I don't want to attempt this (I've got enough to do as is) without some sage advice from you guyz

Do-able with the engine in place?
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