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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post
not at this point. i think the offset trailing arms are to clear the new rims. idk what size the fronts are. and the rotors are bolted down to the hats with red Loctite and torqued to 140 in/lb before the .032 dia. safety wire went on pairs of the bolts. obviously you have seen these style rotors before. tomorrow the clutch and transmission go back in. gotta take some careful measurements for shimming the new hydraulic clutch slave.
I was just gonna say since you went w/ the new trailing arms w/ the johnny joints- the coilover set up is sort of a no branier as it's only $500-600 more. Plus they are really easy to install.
I went w/ Vansteels's front and rear.

As far as the brakes- The 14"- made sense to me for a little over a hundred bucks to get the extra rotor surface area. Those you have on the front are 13"s.

A helpful hint when doing the brake lines up front- get a 45 AN fitting and it will put the brake line where you need them- well worth the $30!!!

DSCN3920_zps92fb8c93 by richardhayes454, on Flickr

You can see w/ the AN-3 45 lines up great w/ the factory tab plus the brake line moves where you want it lock to lock w/ no binding-
DSCN5119 by richardhayes454, on Flickr

Shim for the clutch- been there done that- I had an extra input shaft mount that I milled down for my shim.

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