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maniac-school me on 455 pontiac...

ok, you know that code YC 455? hasnt sold. so why not
chuck it in the k5 blazer? good 4.21 stroke, 4 bolt, nodular
crank, d port heads, 10.5 pistons--AND i got everything but
a 2x4 intake that works with HEI-- if i can find one im doing it.
i see easy 450-500hp+ and over 550ftlb if built right. already
got everything to build motor so cheaper than doing another
mark IV chevy 454 motor from scratch.

whats the trick to fitting pontiac block to 73-87 c/k truck frames?
motor mounts? which headers fit? i know i need b.o.p. to chevy adaptor plate
for trans, but unknown on rest. figure if ANYONE on the web would
know, it would be you......... thanks for any insight.

and if any of you other freaks (i mean that in a good way)
got any ideas, please dont hesitate.
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