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Originally Posted by Longtimer View Post
Yes, I am fully aware of CAFE and the gas guzzler tax and that Trump has stalled the Obama fast track to 54.5 MPG by 2025. You and I both know that the only way a Corvette will hit 54.5 MPG in the next 7 years...or ever... is electric power. Not likely even a Hybrid system would get to that lofty number unless using a Turbo 4 hybrid. Frankly, I think most Vette fans would rather see all-electric than put any gasoline engine in a vette that is not a V8.....or maybe just me. Gutsy sound or electric. Besides, let's face it, the electrics have tons of TQ and vetters LOVE tq.

Trump will not be in office forever and at some point, a Dem will hold the office again. When that happens, within the first 6 months that person will set Obama-type CAFE standards just to beat their own chest. Car MFGs MUST plan for this possibility because they cannot be caught flat-footed product wise (like with the 70's & 80's safety and economy legislation), so they continue to develop electric cars.

I HATE the CAFE system. I would MUCH rather see a Carbon footprint measurement that includes the atmospheric impact of the average USA plant generating electricity (No one is willing to admit that if all cars were electric today, many more Electric Plants would be required to power ALL Vehicles so it is NOT just a simple MPG comparison) and the impact of the eventual battery disposal (NASTY, NASTY chemicals that I understand cannot be recyled) cooked into a measurement that might even out the gasoline vs. Electricity war. However, that is not likely to happen, so a near-sighted Government will essentially dictate that at some time before 2050 the gasoline engine will become an antique (and you think gas is expensive NOW, wait until you have order it on Amazon )

Sorry, everyone. This is an ongoing argument I have with my son. I'll step down from my soapbox.
It's only possible all electric using Fuel Cell technology.
Breaking down H20 into Hydrgen and oxygen into fuel.
The Grand Scheme.
All Research stopped.
Completed and used by NASA Decades ago.
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