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Originally Posted by autowiz View Post

This setup would benefit well from oversized fuel rails, huge injectors like 60 or 80 lb/hr, oversized intake runners and throttle body, FAST easy EFI 2.0 multi port retro fit, a larger pair of turbos, and a water meth injection kit using those two injectors and that small rail directly in front of the throttle body.

But I digress. So much work and effort would be so much better spent on applying TT to an LS or newer engine.
There was a rare option intake on Tuned Port TPI TT Callaway.
I recall it was about 1988-89.
Maybe 5 casted made. It was nicknamed the Mailbox intake.
Predecessor to the LT1-LT4.
It had a Rouned appearance.
Much like Tony Mammos Mini Ram.
The Maibox intake was good for 100 Hp more bolted on.
Have to remember it was 1980s tech and no aftermarket blocks existed.
They all used Chevy 4-bolt Truck blocks.

It's customer wants and desires.
Custom race builds are up $200k in shops as you know with labor.
Most do not want old Tech.

Actually 1 guy doing miracles with SBC.
He has cranked out drag SBC pushing 900 Hp 1-4bbl No power adder.
He is A Pro Head porter.
I think he is the best alive.
Puts Mammo to shame.
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