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Originally Posted by MR BRNS C6 View Post
Yesterday was my wife's birthday and our 31st anniversary so I took her out to an early dinner - cruising East on the Bakersfield Parkway approx 65 MPH I heard this beautiful exhaust tone coming up on my left. I looked over and saw this red Hellcat passing us about 10 MPH faster, well I couldn't let that happen so I sped up to pair off and honked the horn catching the drivers attention, pointed forward and floored the gas. I saw him laugh as he flew away from us, Mrs Brns said "well what did you think would happen?" I told her this Forester has the horsepower of a Singer Sewing Machine, but he'd have still beaten Silver Fish it's just that the pain of losing would've lasted a few more seconds.

I like racing on the streets just like You Mr. Burns as you know very well.
Victory is all that matters to me.

We have reached the limits of bolt on for C5- C7 a while back still fall way short of 707 Dodge and its a True 707 when I reverse math checked with others performance times.

There was a Bolt on Single Turbo kit for Torque tube 1997 & up Corvettes like yours it never caught on because it was Made By Ford Racers....The Hellion Turbo kit.
Delivered up to 700 HP at the flywheel.
All Corvette guys dissed it because they seen FORD only.
Posted along time ago here on DC.

Be proud of what you have.
At least you were not in Silver Fish.

There are a couple of New LS Crate engines .
One made by Edelbrock Supercharged.
One by GM Performance that puts out 1100 HP supercharged.
Neither are inexpensive. $28K & 32K.
Not being pushed marketed hard I think because the C8 is coming in July.
1000 HP when it will be out is anyone's guess.

If you can get around California Smog there are all sorts of options.
Can Spray NOS or use a Nitrous Kicker with Boost.
Custom fabbed Turbo charged.
Sounds ass backwards but the Small LS 5.3 is ideal to work with with LS Turbo Boost.
Its all Race math & those Poor man racers with 5.3 truck engines kick out 1000 HP every day somewhere.
Not Corvette durabilty and flash but they do not care.
No Prep drag racing for the money.

Ran more race math on my own tonight.
I had 592 HP in the T/A last time I raced it.
New Combo is near just about 700 HP No power adder, just shy of the 707 Hellcat.
Nitrous on 1000 HP there.
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