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My New 07 C6

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I Have heard about the leak coming from your power steering somewhere. I have a new 08 C6 Z51 and had the same problem! I found out that my leak was coming from the fill cap on the power steering fluid resivoir, The cap did not have a tight enough seal! So when you start your car and the power steering pump builds up pressure It will start to leak!, Especially when you take turns! Theres a rubber washer on the inside of the power steering fill cap itself. Make sure that both the washer on the fill cap and that the top of the fill resivoir surfaces are both dry! Any P-steering fluid on either of these
surfaces will cause the fluid to leak also! So i would try this first then if leak still persists, Replace the fill cap washer! So what i did next was go to the auto parts store and buy some gasket material and made a new one! I made it a little thicker than the stock rubber fill cap washer. With then having the new home made rubber fill cap washer installed, I put the cap back on, And walla!, No more leak! The power steering plastic resivoir fill neck is pretty thin and flimsy at the top where the cap goes in and seats onto , So you should try not to put to thick of a rubber replacement washer on the fill cap, Just thick enough so that it has a good tight seal!,,, Hope this was of some help to you!, KDCVETTE!, P.S, (ON A QUIET NIGHT YOU CAN HEAR A FORD RUST!)

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