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25th Anniversary,l
1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette with Navy Blue Leather Interior, 37k original miles. My mother claims my Dad sent her a letter from Vietnam claiming he would buy her Corvette if she would marry him when he got back home. They were married less than a month after he got home in 1969. In 1977 after seeing the 25th Anniversary they started looking. Since my parents are so picky anal OCD detail oriented, my dad finally ordered this car after they looked at every Corvette that was for sale in a 200mi distance. Mainly because my mom did not care for the Oyster colored interior that was in the majority of the cars that were painted in the silver over gunmetal 25th Anniversary color. It arrived at the dealership on my mom’s 27th birthday and they were able to pick it up and drive it home that day.
My mom used it as her daily driver for about 4yrs. She always had a funny feeling about driving it in the rain and if it was in the forecast she would have my dad carry her to and from work that day. Then one day she picked me up from school and we found ourselves caught in a fast moving storm. Some straight line winds blew a small portable steel building into traffic and it went down the driver’s side of the car, making a sickening sound as it curled the paint and burrowed into the fiberglass. Insurance had it repainted by the dealer and my parents being so picky anal OCD detail oriented, the dealer had to finally paint and re-sticker the entire car. They also ended up keeping the car so long that my parents bought my mom another vehicle during the wait. She got a 1983 K5 GMC Jimmy 4X4 with a 6.2L Diesel (Culture Shock? Ha!) and the Corvette has been covered and garaged kept since then.
1978 Chevrolet Corvette (Silver/Gray)



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