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General Information

Odometer: 42609 Miles
Engine: L-48 350ci V8
Transmission: TH350 3 Speed Auto
Trim: Base
Exhaust: Custom
Wheels: Factory
Body: Single Factory
Best Time on Track: This is my cruise vehicle not my race car.
(A little History) This car has always been a dream of mine since I was in my teens. Although my dream one was in yellow with black interior and the year was a 1976-1979 anyone of those but I was really fonded of the 77' back then I think because that was the first year I saw. Fast forward to me being 23 I got a chance to get this car and believe me I took it! The car was owned by a older man who was the original owner who had gave it to his son from who i had traded it from...whew! lol Yes traded at the time i had a 1996 Chevy Silverado 3500 6.5L (396ci.) turbo diesel dually all custom paint, wheels, lights, ect. He wanted my truck and i wanted his vette so we did an even trade. Thats how i got this car. The guy was my dad's friend and knew I wanted a vette cause of course my dad told him this. But, im thankfull he did cause now I own one and its a happy ever after lol. (The Car Info) Now the car has the L-48 350ci. V8 @ 195hp not fast but I dont care you cant beat the sexy lines and beauty of a C3 vette. Its an automatic and has power windows, steering, and brakes. It has black exterior and black interior. The gauges for the fuel,water,oil ect. where replaced by newer ones from Equus gauges. Stereo unit is a kenwood ipod hookup,aux hookup,bluetooth,satelite radio all that good stuff. Speakers are sony 6x9's rear 6x5's front. Exhuast is mostly stock for the exception of the mufflers they are flowmaster 50 series. Other then that the car is pretty much stock and I like it that way. Infact im actually going to go ahead and change over the gauges back to original. I love this car as it is *exept where noted* and enjoy driving it everytime I do.


Wheel and Tire
B:275/60 F:215/75


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