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Showcase cover image for Eric76's 1976 Chevrolet Corvette

General Information

Purchase Price: 4600
Odometer: 98200 Miles
Engine: L-48
Transmission: 4-Speed
Trim: The works
Exhaust: Custom
Wheels: Custom
Body: Dual Factory
Bought the car used in 1983. It was in 'ok' shape, but needed some work. The paint (originally silver) was faded and worn, the interior was dirty, faded, seat leather was dried/split and the carpets were their own little "eco-system". Mechanically it was sound with the exception of a cracked real leaf spring housing which housed a sagging leaf spring. A new housing an fiberglass spring fixed that up.

Spent some time (a.k.a. money) with a custom paint job, changed the color, redid the seats, carpeting and most of the interior panels, changed the exhaust to Hooker Header Chrome side pipes (that love to bite!) and then the REAL fun began!

Was a member (showing, treasurer) for a few years with the Corvette Club of America, showed the car "Street/Show" and ended her career when finally pulled two first places.

Moved to NYC and put the car in storage for a lengthy 18 years. Storage facility was shutting down and needed to do something with the car: Sell or Restore. I took the Re$tore route and the car was mechanically restored.

Now living in Canada after importing the car, and only recently completed the inspections, registration and plating and I'm on the road again! Yea, a few things need to be done still, but is a Corvette ever REALLY finished?? :)

Looking to connect locally with others in the Windsor/Detroit area and on-line with all!


Single Factory



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