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General Information

Corvette Stingray
Purchase Price: 17500
Odometer: 48000 Miles
Engine: 350 cu in, L48
Transmission: Auto
Trim: Custom leather int
Exhaust: Dual Factory
Wheels: Custom
Body: Dual Factory
I placed my Corvette order during the summer of 1973. Received the car in November of 1973. My Daily Driver. Married in 1976. Started a family in 1980. Didn't make sense to insure the Vette - so it went into the garage in 1982. As the family grew in size, the Vette played second fiddle and remained in the garage. The kids has grown, and with a little money in the pocket, my wife and I decided to get the Vette out of the garage - Memorial Day 2013. 31 years in the garage. It took a week to clean it up(a soft car cover helped saved the car while in storage). My first venture was to sell the car and use the money to help purchase a new C6 GS or wait and get a new C7. After talking with some Vette restorers, it was best to my interest to restore the car and make it into one fine looking/driving C3. I enlisted the help of Mike Schroeck of East End Corvettes and Customs, Cutchogue, NY to do the restoration in December 2013. Some modifications were made to make this C3 stand out from the others. Engine mod a little, interior mod a little, exterior mod a little bit more. Took the car back in January 19th, 2014. Although the car is back home, there is still plenty to do.


Wheel and Tire
255/60 x 15


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