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  1. My C4-R

    Here's a front view of my car, notice the non-pop-up headlights and the auxiliary racing lights (where the license plate goes) The front "TURN / FOG" lights had "yellowed" with age - so I covered them with perforated vinyl - so that they appear to match the color of the car, yet remain fully functio
  2. My C4-R Wing

    The caption on the wing below the girl in the bikini reads, "Speed Costs Money... How Fast Do You Want To Go?"
  3. My C4-R

    Here's a side shot of my "Champagne" corvette built on a "Draft Beer" budget. The entire car is "wrapped" in vinyl graphics.
  4. My C4-R Hood

    Here's a shot of a "hot" babe on the hood of my car. It looks airbrushed, but it's actually vinyl graphics.
1-4 of 4 Results