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  1. 2002 Z06 Side

    Freshly washed/polished z06
  2. New Wheels

    Having 17s on the front and 18s on the rear really suits the body lines of my black C4. I kept the old wheels, though. They are stored on my garage ceiling (yes, on the ceiling).
  3. Rocker Panel Closeup

    From the C3's on up, the rocker panel says Vette to me.
  4. Rocker Panel

    You can see by the bottom of the wheel well that this car's been around the block a few times. I touch it up, but this is a daily driver for me. As my little old grandma used to say: Love marks!
  5. Long, Long Hood

    One of the reasons I still drive this car: a long, long hood. Other reasons: rumble rumble, slam the shifter into gear, rumble rumble, quick braking, rumble rumble, low to the ground, rumble rumble, blacked out windows, rumble rumble, tight cornering...did I mention rumble rumble? Just starting
  6. Plate Cover

    This is the finishing touch on the front of a Vette (not me, the plate cover!). The word CORVETTE says it all!
  7. Updated Windshield

    Had the windshield replaced a little over a year ago. Wow! My wife twisted my arm to do it, and I'm glad she did! While sitting inside, it takes 15 years off the car; it's that good! You can see the crisp edges of the black-out around the inside of the glass.
  8. Glossy C4 Fender

    Black paint really pops when the shine is there! The slice of aluminum wheel you can see on this car gives it an edgy punch I like.
  9. Seamless Look

    The hatch tint makes it almost seamless with the targa bar. You can see the compliance sticker on the driver's window.
  10. Logo Under Brake Light

    The nice thing about updating the bumper caps on an '85 rather than an later 80's model was getting to put the brake light in the bumper rather than on the hatch. A much sleeker look!
  11. '85 Vette

    Yeeaaah, I know these aren't '85 lights. What can I say? I've really grown to like these.
  12. Tint Closeup

    The tint turned out clean! It is all the metallic tint, the only kind to get! The compliance tag is on the driver's window.
  13. Same Great C4 Emblem

    I've looked at newer wheels, but these on a blacked-out Vette: Priceless! As you can see, I've still got 'em on the car!
  14. My Fav

    Great C4 hood emblem! Vette power!
  15. Wife's Fav

    My wife said I had to put this pic in. Sorry! You can see how glossy the paint is, though!
  16. Front Bumper

    Leaving the license cover on gives the nose a very aerodynamic appearance. Sleek!
  17. Driving Light

    The '85 bumper had exposed driving lights and blinkers. I've enjoyed these being behind the clear lenses.
  18. 22 Years Old!

    They make 'em newer, and they make 'em faster. But every time I crank 'er up and listen to 'er rumble, I say to myself, 'This is not the day to sell. Maybe next year.' Well, next year has never arrived! Ha! I love this car!
  19. Window Tint and ICE

    This car really rocks with the dark tint and all-black paint. When I'm out, I'll park it and go in a store just so I can come out and walk back up to it. With the synthetic polish I use, the original body paint really shines!
1-20 of 29 Results