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  1. CORVETTE @ H.I.N. 4

    Throughout the evening, Hot Import Night models made their way over to my corvette for photos, even the "event media" took a few photos.
  2. CORVETTE @ H.I.N. 3

    Another shot of my "champagne" corvette - built on a "draft beer" budget at the Miami Beach show. NOTE: The entire car is wrapped in vinyl that I designed, the car is actually burgundy.
  3. CORVETTE & H.I.N. 2

    A few Import enthusiasts checking out AMERICAN MUSCLE! That's Anna Kournikova on the hood, not Brittney Spears
  4. CORVETTE @ H.I.N.

    My 1987 corvette made its debut at the Hot Import Nights car show in Miami Beach, Florida - The car has over 214,000 miles and is driven daily, raced occaisionally. Spraying 150 shot of laughing gas
1-4 of 4 Results