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  1. ToniH's interior overview

    This is what my interior looks like after major interior redo we did in 2006
  2. Improved Dash

    I debated a long time before making this change in my Vette. When I finally did, I wished I'd done it when I first got the car. GM should have done a factory recall and replaced all breadboxes!
  3. Window Tint

    You can see the window tint reflected in the deck of the Vette. Nice and dark! You can also see the replacement for the breadbox.
  4. Cargo Area Carpet

    The carpet in my cargo area is in amazingly good condition for an '85 Vette.
  5. CORVETTE Sill Covers

    The sill covers add a sharp look when getting into my Vette.
  6. Scotts' vette-interior

    i guess its in okay condition :-/
1-7 of 7 Results