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  1. AMp initally installed

    I did not like the ground wire that way, so I had to chang it
  2. Emergency Hood Tool

    I noticed my carpet had a tear at this corner, so I used it to store my Hood Tool
  3. Amp mounted and complete

    Here the Ground wire is redone to the Phoenix Amp..
  4. C4 Stereo Install

    New home for the HCCA and the phoenix Gold will get a custom cover
  5. C4 Stereo Install

    Yes, there really is an 8" behind that grille
  6. C4 Stereo Install

    8" speaker template
  7. C4 Stereo Install

    Hiding my Orion HCCA Amp
  8. C4 Stereo Install

    8" woofer just fits
1-10 of 10 Results