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  1. '53/'03 CEC - Finished

    '53/'03 CEC - Finished

    Completed in 2002 this is the Final product. Conversion was done by Advanced Automotive Technologies, in Michigan.
  2. '53/'03 - The C5 "During"

    '53/'03 - The C5 "During"

    This is my C5 during the conversion. New body panels have been put in place and she is dry fitted prior to painting. All panels are removed and hung or placed in the position they will appear on the car. Then they were painted.
  3. '53/'03 - The C5 "Before"

    '53/'03 - The C5 "Before"

    This is my C5 "before" the conversion.
  4. Pfadt Race Engineering

    Pfadt Race Engineering

    Reno Fernley Race Track Same track as our most current video footage C6 Z06, C5 Z06 ST-1 Race Car Full Pfadt Sway's, Pillow Blocks, Camber Kit, Coil Overs Poly control kit. Copy Right Protected Brian Klepper, Pfadt Race Engineering
  5. ace 01 vette #10

    ace 01 vette #10

    just lowered to max factory , rubber bushings out on a z51 suspension, trip to sanfrancisco bridge w/ brother in photo
  6. My c5

    My c5

    My c5
  7. Good To Go

    Good To Go

  8. Lowered


  9. With the top off

    With the top off

  10. C5


  11. IMG_7775


  12. Bellevue at Night

    Bellevue at Night

    Fun with new camera at night
  13. bad ass 03 zo6

    bad ass 03 zo6

    tighttt asss car!!
  14. 14270006


    Tearing it up at Gingerman!
  15. Ramp Show

    Ramp Show

  16. CornerHigh


    corner shot
  17. CornerView


    another front corner view
  18. Dark


    C5 by the sugarcane field
  19. Butt shot

    Butt shot

    Picture of the rear of the car
  20. Main page picture

    Main page picture

    This is my web site's main page picture