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  1. Survivor interior

    As you can see everything is gone except the dash (no cracks) and all the interion plastic (great shape). All the meters very nice an clear the window frame has no rust at all. Car was stored in a barn for 20 years.
  2. Nose is gone and needs new paint

    The nose did not survive the shipping from the USA to Holland. Neither did the hood they pried it open from the front not knowing it opens from the back.
  3. This is the nicest side.

    All the chrome is there and also all the chrome wheel parts are there, in great shape.
  4. still nice from far far away

    This is Dutch73 's corvette. It is a matching nrs everything and has het standard 350. Even the original jack is there. The body-off restauration will start this winter (2007). I hope to find a good frame for the corvette because mine is so rusted it has literally dissapeared in some places.
  5. if you look closely you can see the frame rail hanging out

    Look closely and you can see the L frame rail hangin loose under the car. The frame has rusted away beond any form of repair and I will be looking for a new one.
1-5 of 5 Results