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  1. 12321

  2. CORVETTE @ H.I.N. 4

    Throughout the evening, Hot Import Night models made their way over to my corvette for photos, even the "event media" took a few photos.
  3. CORVETTE @ H.I.N. 3

    Another shot of my "champagne" corvette - built on a "draft beer" budget at the Miami Beach show. NOTE: The entire car is wrapped in vinyl that I designed, the car is actually burgundy.
  4. CORVETTE & H.I.N. 2

    A few Import enthusiasts checking out AMERICAN MUSCLE! That's Anna Kournikova on the hood, not Brittney Spears
  5. CORVETTE @ H.I.N.

    My 1987 corvette made its debut at the Hot Import Nights car show in Miami Beach, Florida - The car has over 214,000 miles and is driven daily, raced occaisionally. Spraying 150 shot of laughing gas
  6. L98 & N20

    1987 L98 210,000 miles on the clock. Rebuilt after 170,000. Spraying 150 wet shot.
  7. Nitrous Bottle

    10 lb bottle of laughing gas, shown with roll bar with optional camera mount & camcorder & fire extinguisher
  8. 1970 Chevelle SS

    My 10 second, show winning 1970 Chevelle SS
1-9 of 9 Results