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tail lights

  1. '85 Vette

    '85 Vette

    Yeeaaah, I know these aren't '85 lights. What can I say? I've really grown to like these.
  2. Window Tint and ICE

    Window Tint and ICE

    This car really rocks with the dark tint and all-black paint. When I'm out, I'll park it and go in a store just so I can come out and walk back up to it. With the synthetic polish I use, the original body paint really shines!
  3. Window Tint

    Window Tint

    Although it looks silver here, the tint is a metallic, limo black. It is reflecting the cloud cover.
  4. Brake


  5. LeftTS


  6. RightTS


  7. LightsOn