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  1. New Front Wheels

    I took off my old 17" C4 wheels and Kumho tires, replacing them with Z06-style rims and Falken tires. I kept 17s on the front but went with 18s on the rear. I really liked the Kumhos and so was amazed at the improvement in ride, handling, and road noise with the Falkens.
  2. Glossy C4 Fender

    Black paint really pops when the shine is there! The slice of aluminum wheel you can see on this car gives it an edgy punch I like.
  3. Same Great C4 Emblem

    I've looked at newer wheels, but these on a blacked-out Vette: Priceless! As you can see, I've still got 'em on the car!
  4. wheel

    painted and cleared 17x9.5
1-5 of 5 Results