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  1. Seamless Look

    The hatch tint makes it almost seamless with the targa bar. You can see the compliance sticker on the driver's window.
  2. Tint Closeup

    The tint turned out clean! It is all the metallic tint, the only kind to get! The compliance tag is on the driver's window.
  3. 22 Years Old!

    They make 'em newer, and they make 'em faster. But every time I crank 'er up and listen to 'er rumble, I say to myself, 'This is not the day to sell. Maybe next year.' Well, next year has never arrived! Ha! I love this car!
  4. Window Tint

    In this pic, the back glass seems to meld right into the deck of the car.
  5. Window Tinted Hatch

    From higher up, you can really see how dark the tint is on the hatch. Gotta love limo black!
  6. Window Tinted Hatch

    Down low, the tint pulls the glass hatch right down to the body. It really reflects the cloud cover! There is one tiny wrinkle at the button you can see on the glass - very small, though.
  7. Side View of Tint

    Dark tint really brings out the sleek C4 profile. You can tell the difference in the door tint and the metallic, limo black on the hatch.
  8. Blacked Out

    The tint really blacks out my Vette. The car only shows a touch of chrome, mostly the wheels (matte aluminum, actually).
  9. Window Tint

    Although it looks silver here, the tint is a metallic, limo black. It is reflecting the cloud cover.
  10. Window Tint

    You can see the window tint reflected in the deck of the Vette. Nice and dark! You can also see the replacement for the breadbox.
1-10 of 10 Results