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According to a Sevice Bulletin I have in my hand from GM.... Our 05 and 06's have been overcharged in the A/C department. The current Corvettes 07-08 have 1.1lbs of refridgerant in them and 05-06 have 1.4lbs refrigerant. So if your car is still under warranty, take it in and mention this. My husband did it for me in about 10 minutes time and it is working 100% now.

Symptoms will be.... compressor shuts off at idle (stoplights) then will turn back on after you get moving. When compressor is on it might not blow as cold as it should. Condition most likely seen in hot engine re-start or vehicle idling in elevated ambient conditions.

I put a Procharger on my Vette, and this is how I found out about the problem. I thought it was because of my blower but it is actually a stock Vette problem too.

A just wanted to let all my Corvette friends know that this problem has a very simple fix...hope this helps!;)
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