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Last week my father tells me the his 2007 A6 will not get into gear when removing the shifter from PARK. I get in the car, and notice the shifter has quite a bit of slack. After some reading on the internet, I came to the conclusion that the problem is either the shift cable broke, or the bushing on the shifter/cable or cable/transmission broke. I jacked up the car this morning and sure enough the cable was not connected to the transmission. Went to the local advance auto parts, and picked up a Dorman Kit that came with a couple of Automatic Transmission Bushings in different sizes. After a few choice words while under the car it snapped into place, and the car shifted out of park like normal.

My dad eventually went and ran a few errands and all was well. I even took the car around for a spin and everything seemed fine. He took the car to get washed, and again the car would not come out of PARK. I met him at the place and again the shifter had slack in it. He went home with a friend, and picked up the jack and jack stands. I get under the car only to see the cable is still connected to the transmission. :WTF So tomorrow I plan on removing the center console, as well as the shifter to see if the cable is still connected to the shifter.

So my question is, what could've possibly happened? Everything was fine all day until late this afternoon. Either way hopefully I can get it resolved. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years :cheers:
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