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2013 Corvette LS3 - Plug Wire Fell Off Here Too!

Like other posters in this thread, I got in my 2013 Corvette and started it up. I noticed the car was running rough and then I started getting a number of lights on my dash including a "service traction control," "service active handling" and the service engine light (SEL).

Naturally I was upset and concerned - my Corvette is only 4 years old and only has 15k miles on it, so this was perplexing to me that the car was already showing these types of service concerns.

I came online and started digging for answers and found this thread, and a couple others like it. Many of you indicated checking the plug wires and, sure enough, when I checked the drivers side bank, the rear plug wire was hanging loose from the coil.

I have to say that this is concerning to me. These cars were/are expensive - and while the LS3 engine is definitely strong, these cars overall feel kind of cheaply made. I can look past most of the poorly appointed details of the interior, but plug wires falling off? I mean, COME ON GM!

I am grateful to all of the people who have posted this issue online. I am a little (a lot) perplexed about this car. Since buying it, I've had to replace a front fascia clip (the part that pops up by the front headlight), the passenger power window switch, the fuse for the in-dash lighter (I use it as a power source for my radar detector) and now I've had to re-connect a plug wire. Fortunately, none of these items has been a huge expense, but tihs car is beginning to make me nervous! What else can I expect to see as an issue on this low mileage, four year old car?

I am beginning to understand why some Corvette owners don't remain Corvette owners for long - I love the car, but I am not sure I trust the car.

For other C6 owners out there - what has your experience been?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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