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1972 door sticker question

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Can somebody help me? I need some information for registration of my 1972 convertible. 350 engine and automatic transmission.
There is no weights text in the door sticker. I need GVWR, GAWR, FRT and REAR weights.
Thank you.
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but if you can give me a refresher in what those abbreviations mean....maybe it can help....
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
is the maximum allowable total weight of a road vehicle or trailer that is loaded,
including the weight of the vehicle itself plus fuel, passengers, cargo, and trailer
tongue weight.

Gross Axle Weight Rating
is the maximum weight each axle is designed to carry safely.
It includes the entire weight of the vehicle, occupants, cargo,
trailer tongue weight and so forth, but now distributed between
front and rear axles.

opposite of Rear
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Well, according to the book above the curb weight is 3320 lbs....
Looks close enough.

According to Vette Vues Fact Book on the 68-72
it gives an average Curb weight for a convertible
with standard engine (take that to be a Small Block)
is 3306 lbs. of course that will very according to
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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