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1976 L-48 350 blower ????????

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Hey guys , a friend of mine just bought a 76 t top , L48 rated at 185 hp
i think he has in it
and he wants to put some aluminum heads and a small blower on the stock engine bringing the hp to 450 .I was wondering if he should change the rods as i thinks he may blow up the engine with all new hp .
what do you guys think
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I don't see a blower and heads adding 265hp. If you run that kind of boost you will blow the motor with out a doubt.

The whole bottom end needs to be beefed up to handle a blower. I have seen a few rotating assemblies blown out the pan because of blowers being put on top of stock engines.

Even if the bottom end could handle it, if the block has not been punched out some with new pistons and rings, you will get blow by and fill the crankcase with lots positve pressure.
ya that's what i thought ....but he thinks that all he has to do is change the heads and cam and add a blower and everything will work fine ....the rods will blow for sure
wow, that's going to be a costly wake-up call.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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