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Hi guys

I have a few small problems with my C4

The first one is a wire behind the steering that smoked and now is disconnected . The entire plastic is melted and the wire is now disconnected
I had some smoke and I turned off the engine as fast as I can

later I try starting the engine and no problem manifested

I checked everything

Light and blinkers horn radio
Car is driving fine

Second problem

When I accelerate I get some hesitation and lack of power . And when I drive I can hear some pre detonation I think

First thing I did was a tune up
I replaced all the plugs and wires
Oil filter and ideal control module in the throttle body . I removed the throttle body and clean up everything and put back with a new gasket

Problem still happening

Then I found code 43 so I was thinking bad knock sensor
I replaced yesterday but still having the same problem

I was not sure if I need to reset the ECM after I replaced the knock sensor

I will try today

Was wondering if this burned wire behind the steering is the problem

It's not easy for me to follow without taking apart the entire dash

Any help is appreciated

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Some of this posted elsewhere? Problem show up after wire smoked or before?
43 hard code or intermittent?
Access to anyone with a scanner?
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