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Hi Guys,
I need some help!
I bought a 1990 ZR 1 in June after selling my 1963 roadster.
I love this car!!!!
I'm frustrated though.
I have finally gotten comfortable driving the 6 speed and feel that I can push the car as it was intended ( the guy in the Accura NSX must have 'peed his pants), but, it's not fast enough.
I know that Chevrolet pushed the horespower to 405 by 1992.
What can I do to make this thing (further) thrill me?
I'm a young (old guy) at 47.
I know that this car is capable of more.
Can you help?
I can not buy a Z0 6 at this time. (If I did, I'd be in divorce court and sleeping on your couch).
What would you do?
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