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I took my 1991 vette out for a 30 mile spin last week and stopped at restaurant. Got back in vette and as I was backing up the engine cut off. I started vette again and it was missing as if on 7 cylinders. Drove it home which was about 4 miles away. The engine ran better at higher RPMs but would cut off at idle in gear. With the vette engine stone cold, the engine runs great without any hesitation. Other weird things that I have observed:
1). The check engine light does not luminate with starter switch in accessory or with it running roughly at idle.
2). The engine temp cooling fan runs constantly after warm up to mid range of temp gauge.

This is what I have done so far:
1). Replaced plugs and wires.
2). Checked Fuel Injectors.
3). Checked MAP Switch.
The vette started great with no missing afterwards but again started rough idling when temp at mid range. I tapped the ECM box a couple of times and the engine missing got worse. The engine service light also illuminated while running and with starter switch in accessory position.

I have ordered a new ECM and will be in tomorrow.

Has anyone had similiar problems? Any help would be appreciated.

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How did you check the fuel injectors? If you didn't send them out, you would need to ohm it at idle and then when it is hot.

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Installed new ECM today and still idles rough. Tomorrow, I will ohm check fuel injectors and remove hypertech chip for original chip.
....I think some of those chips require using a different temp
thermostat as opposed to the OEM temp....:huh:

....I did not have much luck with my chip so I put everything
back to stock, later on I changed a couple of things for a
little more kick....:D
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