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1998 corvette headlights will not close

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Hi all,
My 1998 corvette headlights will not close. I have checked the fuses 8,9 and 10. No luck. This morning I noticed that I also don’t have dash lights. But cruise control still works.I cleaned the 2 grounds and replaced the 3 fuses. Where should I check next?
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Couldn’t you rewire them on a three way toggle switch and reverse polarity. One way up one way down. I mean no more than your going to use them. Manually raise and lower them. Hold the switch until there up and the same for down. Or do the motors not reverse?
Sounds like you have a plan. Keep in touch let us know how corvette pro-forms and how your racing campaign progresses. Looking forward to updates good luck.
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Impressive. Propeller head nautical or aeronautical?
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